Community Support from Mormons Building Bridges

If you are an LGBTQ+ person (or family member) who needs therapy, you can access top-tier therapy directly through FLOURISH COUNSELING SERVICES. You do not need to have insurance or pay high fees out of pocket if you cannot afford it. Flourish Counseling Services, the original counseling service at Encircle houses has been compelled to leave Encircle. But it will continue to see all ages, all sexual orientations, all genders, and treat you with respect and care – at a new location.

Flourish can and does competently handle the intersection of conservative religion and LGBTQ issues. The Mormons Building Bridges community is excited to support Flourish Counseling Services in whatever way it can in order to help LGBTQ+ folks not only to survive, but FLOURISH.

Kendall Wilcox, Co-Founder of Mormons Building Bridges