Esmé van Pletzen, LCSW

With over 10-years of experience, I approach therapy as a collaborative connection in which we work together to deepen sense of self, enhance our relationships and relieve our human suffering.  Together we will identify maladaptive thought patterns, mental health symptoms and trauma that interfere with functioning and self-growth.  With a foundation of non-judgment and inclusivity, my goal is to support you in making decisions best for your life and individual development. As both a process of acceptance and change, I support clients in strengthening trust and feeling of safety while expanding cognitive flexibility and meaning-making. 

In therapeutic work with adults and adolescents, I specialize in areas of anxiety, OCD, mood disorders, trauma, institutional trauma and faith crisis, interpersonal skill development, relationships, sexuality and intimacy, gender identity and LGBTQ community and spirituality and understanding of personal values and meaning.  

As a client-centered practitioner, I utilize CBT, DBT, Interpersonal therapy, Existential and Gestalt therapy, Mindfulness and Compassion-based practices and trauma-informed methods.