Jess Van Natter, Student Intern

One of the bravest things we can do is begin to unfold our story. My passion is helping people learn to care for the negative self-thoughts and challenging emotions that sometimes come up when we unravel the complex layers of our stories. My greatest professional joy is working together to find the paths to peace, relief, and hope you deserve.

I know that one size doesn’t fit all, but the interventions I’ve received training in are solution-focused therapy (SFT), brief psychodynamic therapy (BPT), Gottman relationship therapy, and seeking safety. My specialties are working with elders, those struggling with loss and finding meaning, and child and adult trauma survivors struggling to heal and form healthy, energy-generating connections. Overcoming the loss of a loved one to suicide and losing my childhood to severe, chronic child abuse were two aspects of my wellness journey that helped shape my professional specialties.

And last, I’ll summarize what brought me to social work in a quote:

“It is the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.”

― Frank Warren

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