Mira Lotfallah, ACMHC

Mira has an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is pursuing a Ph.D. in International Psychology with a focus on Trauma Services. She is currently based in Hawaii and has lived internationally for over 16 years, working in the fields of conflict management, human rights, and yoga and mindfulness. As a result, she brings a unique worldview to her work and is passionate about her role as an ally and advocate. Specializing in trauma, intercultural conflict and reconciliation, communication, anxiety/depression and adjustment issues, she combines eastern and western philosophies in a holistic, compassionate, and non-judgmental approach to developing connection, healing, and peace amidst life’s challenges. Her approach is eclectic and adaptable to individual needs, primarily person-centered and strengths-based, using mindful, existential, and narrative thinking regarding the process of change.

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